Sanyo LCD Televisions
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DP-26648 26"  LCD TV    $269.99
DP-32649 31.5" LCD TV  $359.99
DP-37648 37" LCD TV     $499.99
DP-42849 42" LCD TV     $599.99
DP46848 46" LCD TV      $699.99
DP52449 52" LCD TV      $999.99
philips tv
Following Sets are all removed from
Hotels in working condition. All include
Remote Control and come with 3 Month Guaranty
Philips 25"                 
Panasonic 25            
Mitsubishi 27"  

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Vizio VW32L HDTV40A 32"
High Definition Television, 15,000:1 Contrast Ratio
Sony 32" WEGA Trinitron  $129.99
Sony 24" WEGA Trinitron    $79.99
Used in Hotel
Excellent Condition
Remote Control Included
$79.99 &  $129.99
Factory Re-Manufactured Product
Factory Serviced
Vizio VA26L"
High Definition Television, 15,000:1 Contrast Ratio
Factory Serviced
Vizio VA19L  19" LCD"
High Definition Television, 15,000:1 Contrast Ratio
Factory Serviced

Available for Special Order
(allow 1 week for delivery)

LN19C350 19" LCD 720P  $295
LN22B650 22" LCD 1080P $335
LN22C350 22" LCD 720P $347
LN26C350 26" LCD 720P $450
LN32B550 32" LCD 1080P $639
LN32C450 32" LCD 720P $509
LN32C530 32" LCD 1080P $612
LN32C550 32" LCD 1080P $624
LN37C550 37" LCD 1080P $722
LN40B750 40" 240 Hz LCD $1370
LN40C550 40" LCD 1080P $748
LN40C630 40" LCD 1080P 120 Hz $825
LN46B630 46" LCD 1080P USB $1145
LN46B650 46" LCD 1080P $1369
LN46B750 46" 240 Hz LCD $1641
LN46C550 46" LCD 1080P $925
LN46C650 46" LCD 1080P 120Hz $1108
LN52B530 52" LCD TV $1567
LN55B650 55" 1080P LCD $2251
LN55C650 55" LCD 1080P 120Hz $1789
UN26C4000 26" LED 720P $560
UN32C5000 32" LED 1080P $893
UN40B7000 40" LED 1080P $1447
UN40C6300 40" LED 1080P/120Hz $1170
UN46B8500 46" ULTRA SLIM $2715
UN46C6300 46"                     $1421
UN46C6500 46" LED 1080P/120Hz $1750
UN46C7000 47" LED 1080P/240 3D $2150
UN55C6300                                   $2090
UN55C6500 55" LED 1080P/120Hz $2334
UN55C7000 55" LED 080P/240Hz3D$2728
UN55C8000 55" LED 1080/240 3D $2882
PN42C450 42" PLASMA 720P $570
PN50C450 50" PLASMA 720P $734
PN50C550 50" PLASMA 1080P $1176
PN50C6500 50" PLASMA 1080P $1355
PN50C7000 50" PLASMA 1080 3D $1681
PN58C550 58" PLASMA 1080P $1733
PN58C7000 58" PLASMA 1080P 3D $2235
PN63C550 63" PLASMA 1080P $2317
PN63C7000 63" PLASMA 1080P 3D $2897

Memorex MLTD3222
LCD HDTV with DVD, 32" Viewable Image Size, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, HD compatibility - 480i/480p/720p/1080i, 1366 x 768 pixel resolution